Farrow & Ball launches new paint palette with fashion designer Christopher John Roberts

The Timeless Beauty and Unabashed Joy of Farrow & Ball's Latest Collection is Available at Patrick Street Interiors

Bursting with unmistakable Christopher John Rogers style, the versatile new palette of paint and paper can be effortlessly combined to create a unique space that delights this season and many more.

In the world of interior design, few names carry the weight and prestige of Farrow & Ball. And, when refreshing your home’s interior or exterior, few choices carry the impact of choosing a new paint colour. Farrow and Ball's newest collection, which is a collaboration with fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, launched in Sept. 2023. Carte Blanche is exquisitely fashioned but far from restrictive; this is elevated exuberance for your home.

Prestigious Paint at your Fingertips in Frederick

All throughout the month, not only are we celebrating Farrow & Ball's Carte Blanche palette, but our Instagram feed will highlight expert tips on how to use colour throughout your home. We know that homeowners often need some reassurance choosing a colour palette for their home. Is the colour going to capture the light in the room? Is it delivering the right amount of drama or an unmistakable sense of calm? Is the colour playing well with fabrics and finishes? Will the paint stand the colour test of time?

As the only stockist of Farrow & Ball paint and paper in the greater Frederick area, we will expertly guide you through the colour selection process, suggest complementary colours and fabrics, and provide thoughtful design services to help you achieve your dream home. We hope you will follow along and, if you feel inspired, visit our showroom or schedule a virtual Design Discovery call.

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 The Art of Farrow & Ball Colour Palettes and Finishes

Farrow & Ball handcraft richly pigmented paint and unique wallpaper using the very finest ingredients and low odor, water based formulas. Together, they transform homes of all kinds, inside and out, around the world. Founded in 1946 in Dorset, England, over 75 years of care and expertise goes into every tin and every roll.

Raw Tomatillo No.CB6; Au Lait No.CB9
Raw Tomatillo No.CB6; Au Lait No.CB9  
Roasted Macadamia No.CB2; Liquorice No.CB10; Au Lait No.CB9; Sardine No.CB8
Roasted Macadamia No.CB2; Liquorice No.CB10; Au Lait No.CB9; Sardine No.CB8
Au Lait No.CB9; Romesco No.CB4; Shallot No.CB3
Vibrant Tones: Au Lait No.CB9; Romesco No.CB4; Shallot No.CB3   
Pea Flower Tea No.CB12; Hog Plum No.CB1; Au Lait No.CB9; Lobster No.CB7
  Pea Flower Tea No.CB12; Hog Plum No.CB1; Au Lait No.CB9; Lobster No.CB7

Farrow & Ball offers an array of options to achieve any design vision

In 2022, Farrow & Ball introduced its Dead Flat finish, which took five years to develop, with enviable buzz. Offering the best of matte paint’s ability to hide imperfections and the durability to withstand the test of time and traffic in any home, Dead Flat is the talk of the town, and deservedly so.

Roasted Macadamia No.CB2; Pea Flower Tea No.CB12; Blue Maize No.CB11; Au Lait No.CB9; Lobster No.CB7; Romesco No.CB4; Shallot No.CB3

Roasted Macadamia No.CB2; Pea Flower Tea No.CB12; Blue Maize No.CB11; Au Lait No.CB9; Lobster No.CB7; Romesco No.CB4; Shallot No.CB3

Estate Emulsion is ideal for low traffic areas to create a noteworthy and ultra matte appearance.

Raw Tomatillo No.CB6; Liquorice No.CB10; Au Lait No.CB9

Raw Tomatillo No.CB6; Liquorice No.CB10; Au Lait No.CB9

Modern Emulsion offers added durability and washability, making it perfectly suited for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Farrow & Ball's Lime White No. 1 paint colour

Lime White No. 1

For a luxurious sheen, the Estate Eggshell finish is perfect for woodwork, doors, and metal surfaces, providing an elegant touch to any room or exterior.

Farrow & Ball's Charlotte's Locks No. 268 paint colour

Charlotte's Locks No. 268

Unraveling the Unique Formulation

What sets Farrow & Ball paint apart from its competitors is its extraordinary formulation. The paint is created using only the finest pigments and resins, ensuring a rich, opulent finish with incredible depth, which makes it impossible to replicate in other paint brands. Moreover, Farrow & Ball prides itself on being environmentally responsible. Its distinctive low-odor and water-based formulas have minimal VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) promote better indoor air quality making it a perfect choice for homeowners sensitive to strong paint smells or conscious of health. Additionally, the brand is committed to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and implements eco-friendly packaging initiatives. Choosing Farrow & Ball means not only enhancing your home but also contributing to a greener planet.

Experience Farrow & Ball for Yourself

Patrick Street Interiors invites you to come and see for yourself why Farrow & Ball paint is more than just a coating for your walls; it's a piece of art that enriches your living space with timeless elegance and unmatched quality. Stop by our storefront on Thomas Johnson Drive—we would be thrilled to share our love of design with you.
The Story of Patrick Street Interiors

The Story of Patrick Street Interiors

If its walls could talk, they'd whisper stories of creativity, passion, and design evolution.

For the past 30 years, Patrick Street Interiors, located in Frederick, Md., has been a haven for interior design enthusiasts. With a specialization in color and textiles, its visionary owner, Lydia Baker, and her talented team open a window to design for local clients and give them access to exclusive brands like Farrow & Ball, Backdrop, Thibaut and Kaleen Rugs. The interior design company is passionate about crafting spaces that stand as testaments to the intersection of creativity, comfort, and functionality, transforming residential and commercial interiors into living art.

Interior foyer designed by Lydia Baker

Lydia's interior design for a local client

One glance at Patrick Street Interiors' portfolio is like stepping into a gallery of varied styles, each brought to life with the Patrick Street Interior team’s creative touch. Whether it's a cozy family room, an elegant dining area, or a tranquil bedroom retreat, its designs will invoke emotions and tell a story. The designers weave clients’ personalities into the fabric of the design, resulting in spaces that resonate with authenticity.

Turning Personal Passion into a Business

Its story begins with Lydia's lifelong fascination with the world of design. From an early age, she found herself captivated by the interplay of colors, textures, and furnishings that turned houses into homes. Beginning her professional career as an electrical engineer, Lydia’s penchant for designing spaces in her own home was the personal hobby that started a nearly three-decade career in interior design. In 1992, armed with a keen eye for design and an unyielding commitment to quality, she transitioned from her career as an engineer to interior designer and opened Lydia Baker Interiors, which transformed into Patrick Street Interiors over the next two decades.

Lydia Baker poses next to Farrow & Ball paint display

Lydia Baker, owner of Patrick Street Interiors

Originally located on Patrick Street in historic downtown Frederick, Md., Lydia’s business swiftly became a hub for those seeking to breathe life and character into their living spaces. With each project, Lydia's expertise evolved Patrick Street Interiors into a brand synonymous with elegance and innovation. Her signature style, a blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality, struck a chord with D.C. metro-area clients who came to her seeking both comfort and sophistication. Lydia fosters open communication with her clients, inviting them to share their ideas, aspirations, and even concerns. She ensures that the final design not only meets aesthetic expectations but also feels like an authentic reflection of the client's lifestyle. This personalized approach has not only earned Patrick Street Interiors a loyal client base but has also resulted in numerous accolades and industry recognition. Lydia’s designs are featured in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Carroll County Times, and Better Homes & Gardens.

Original Patrick Street Interiors location on E. Patrick Street in historic downtown Frederick, Md.

Original Patrick Street Interiors location on
E. Patrick Street in historic downtown Frederick, Md.

The Evolution of a Brand

As Lydia’s portfolio grew, so did her business, which allowed her to expand her team and showroom. In 2017, Patrick Street Interiors moved to its second location on South Carroll Street.

Former Patrick Street Interiors showroom on S. Carroll Street in historic downtown Frederick, Md.

Former Patrick Street Interiors showroom on
S. Carroll Street in historic downtown Frederick, Md.

The showroom is a haven for design enthusiasts and a space where clients can immerse themselves in curated displays that showcase Patrick Street Interiors’ distinctive style. They welcome clients to the showroom to experience fabrics, wallpapers, paints, and textiles for themselves, and love nothing more than sharing its design expertise with clients.

Product display in Patrick Street Interiors showroom  Product display in Patrick Street Interiors showroom
Patrick Street Interiors invites clients to their inspired and curated showroom

The Road Ahead: Patrick Street Interiors' New Showroom on Thomas Johnson Drive

Patrick Street Interiors continues to flourish under Lydia's visionary leadership, and the team invites you to visit its new showroom, located at 188 Thomas Johnson Drive, in Frederick, Md. Whether you're seeking to transform your home, commercial space, or simply looking for a dose of design inspiration, its design team would love to translate your aspirations into harmonious designs. Patrick Street Interiors hopes to meet you soon!

Patrick Street Interiors showroom is located on Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick, Md.
Patrick Street Interiors showroom is located on Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick, Md.

To learn more about the Patrick Street Interiors team, explore its Houzz profile or the About Us section of its website.

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August 22, 2023 by Lydia Baker

Farrow & Ball's new Dead Flat Finish

All-new Dead Flat is the most matte finish from Farrow & Ball, creating a richer colour from every angle. Suitable for walls, woodwork and metal, this multi-surface emulsion can be used on skirting, paneling or even radiators, for an effortless, colour-drenched transformation with just one finish. It’s exceptional coverage and low splatter makes application quick and easy too. Scrubbable and scuff-resistant, Dead Flat creates beautiful spaces that stay beautiful. Plus the water based formula is toy safe* with only trace VOCs and, like all Farrow & Ball finishes, handcrafted in Dorset. Quite simply, this is paint perfected

Ultra Matte Finish

With the most matte finish of any of Farrow & Ball’s products, the new Dead Flat has created a new standard for all matte finishes. With a 2% sheen and richer, deeper colour at all viewing angles, no other paint on the market can boast the velvety, flat look that the new Dead Flat achieves.

Multi-Surface Application

Now any surface in your home can benefit from the beautiful rich tones of Dead Flat. Formulated to be used on a variety of materials, it can be applied to walls, woodwork, and even radiators.

Unbeatable Durability

Most matte finishes are easily damaged and hard to clean, but Farrow & Ball’s new Dead Flat is not only beautiful, it is extremely durable. It’s scuff-resistant, scrubbable, wipeable and washable. Great for hallways and high traffic areas, this new durable finish will continue to look beautiful years longer than any other matte paint on the market.

For more information about, or to buy the new Farrow & Ball's Dead Flat in any of their colors, call us or come visit us at our new showroom!
March 28, 2023 by Lydia Baker
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