What to expect from your Initial Consultation

Your consultation will consist of 2 hours of design advice.  We will tour the space/spaces to be worked on together while you tell me what you are looking to change or update.  I will make recommendations on the spot for elements that are easily identified.  This can include (but is not limited to) paint colors, finish selections, furniture placement, and style choices. 

After your appointment I will provide you with an email write-up based on our discussions which will:

  • Identify any selections that were made during the consultation
  • List any suggestions for work that needs to be done
  • Provide a “next steps” list to give you direction on how to proceed with your project, either on your own, or by opening a project with me.

After your Initial Consultation, any Design Services I provide will be charged an hourly rate as indicated in the Letter of Agreement you received in your email.  Any products to be purchased through Patrick Street Interiors will be charged separately and will require a deposit at the time of purchase.

How to prepare for your Initial Consultation

To ensure that your time is used effectively, please prepare for your appointment by having as much information available prior to my arrival. Here are a few things that will help with our appointment.

  • Think about your Budget.  Do you have an idea of what you would like to invest on your project? Will your budget need to be broken up among different elements or rooms?
  • Prioritize your needs.  If you project involves more than one room of the house, or more than one aspect of your room (say furniture, window treatments and paint), think about which parts of your project are most important to start with.  This will help me spend my 2 hours focusing on elements that matter most to you.
  • Have existing/pre-selected finishes available.  If you have recently purchased, or plan to purchase any elements in your home that will affect the design, please have those available for me to consider. For example, if you have a new wood floor being installed, having a sample of that floor will make it easier for me to make recommendations for other finishes.
  • Gather inspiration.  Magazine photos, Pinterest Boards, Online Images are great ways to show me if you have an aesthetic that you are striving for.  Any visual ideas that help me to pinpoint your preferred look will also help me make recommendations for your new design.

Feel free to call the Showroom if you have any additional questions about your Initial Consultation!  We look forward to working with you on your project!