Wall to Wall Design: Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic with Wallpaper
From its rich history to its numerous practical benefits, for more than 2,000 years wallpaper has offered a world of possibilities for interior design. It is one of our favorite ways to instantly infuse our clients’ signature styles into their homes. Wallpaper instantly transforms a room adding depth, character, and visual interest. When choosing the perfect pattern, we guide our clients through a process that considers scale, personal style, durability and how it transitions throughout other spaces in the home.


The size of the pattern matters and homeowners should think about the purpose of the room and the mood they want to create. Large-scale patterns can make small spaces feel more spacious, while softer, muted patterns work well for creating a calming ambiance. Vertical patterns, like in this transition space, draw the eye up, adds a feeling of height and airiness.


Image: Romo’s Pluma Wallcovering in Blush, W444/03


Wallpaper should reflect the homeowners’ personal style, but it can also be influenced by geographical location and architecture of the home. For traditional tastes, botanicals and stripes are timeless choices. For more contemporary styles, graphic prints such as geometric patterns make a bold statement.


Image: Thibaut’s “Sandy Point” wallpaper


Choosing a wallpaper with texture, such as grass cloth, cork, animal hide-inspired or wood paneling, can add visual interest without overwhelming a space. Textured wallpaper can also serve as a transition element between spaces.


Image: York’s natural grass with metallic accents wallpaper

Feature Wall

If you want to add some drama but are afraid that a pattern will overwhelm the space, try using it for a feature wall or framing it as a piece of art (we did this in our showroom!). Also consider mural inspired wallpapers for feature walls which can transport you to another world entirely.


Choose the wallpaper first and then complement it with paint, ideally in a lighter shade that doesn't compete. White is an obvious choice, but also choosing a color in the same family as the wallpaper will still allow the feature wall to take center stage.


Image: Mind the Gap’s “ERFOUD”


When considering wallpaper for different areas of your home, durability is key. For high-traffic zones, like hallways and stairwells, or moisture-prone spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms, commercial-grade vinyl is a smart choice. These wallpapers are not only washable but also capable of withstanding the challenges posed by steam and humidity, ensuring your design remains the wallpaper remains as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Image: Phillip Jeffries' "Vinyl Brushstroke Silk collection in Ecru Palette"

At Patrick Street Interiors, our showroom has a treasure trove of premium wallpaper samples from sought-after designers. Whether you're yearning to create a snug bedroom retreat or infuse vibrancy into your living room, wallpaper can help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

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October 17, 2023 by Lydia Baker