Thibaut Malibu chair upholstered in bright yellow Prisma fabric
Upholstery fabric is more than just a covering; it's a conversation piece. The right choice of fabric can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. It infuses warmth, personality, and style into living spaces, and creates inviting atmospheres that reflect homeowners’ unique styles.

But beyond aesthetics, upholstery fabrics also play a practical role; they need to withstand daily wear and tear, spills, family life and pets. That's why choosing the right fabric is so important. Upholstery fabric is an investment in the longevity and comfort of home, and with a little guidance, clients can ensure that their choices stand the test of time.

At Patrick Street Interiors, we specialize in upholstery fabric and work alongside our clients to pick the perfect pattern, weight, and weave for any space in their home. From chairs in the dining room (a project homeowners can tackle in a weekend!) to couches that are the backbone of the living room or a statement headboard in a bedroom, fabric is a design heavyweight. For us, it is important our clients are equipped with knowledge and personally guided throughout the design process.

Dining Room

One of our favorite places to start, dining room chair seat cushions are a true DIY project for our clients. When choosing a fabric, we recommend a heavy, woven textile that does not include embroidery. Dining chairs see regular wear and are at risk of spills, so it's essential to opt for fabrics that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Velvet and chenille are both excellent choices, offering a touch of luxury to your dining area.

For a higher impact design, clients can custom make slipcovers for Parsons chairs at the head of the table.

If a client has their heart set on a printed fabric, we recommend either using it on the back of the chair or adding a backing to make it more stable. Printed fabrics are also fun choices for custom placemats or a tablecloth.

Image: Cowtan & Tout’s “Drake” fabric in lapis on chair cushion

Living Room

The living room is probably the most obvious space in the home to incorporate upholstery. Whether it be anchoring pieces, such as sofas or armchairs, or pops of pattern added with custom made ottomans and pillows, there are large and small design projects that we guide our clients through to ensure cohesive and lasting design.

During our design consultations, we don't just consider aesthetics; we help clients understand the technical qualifications of fabrics. Clients learn about crucial factors like the Wyzenbeck Double Rub and Martindale abrasion tests, which determine how well a fabric choice will age in their space. We believe that living rooms should be both beautiful and practical!

Image: Osborne & Little’s “ATACAMA” collection



In the bedroom, upholstered headboards add softness, texture, and pattern. We specialize in creating custom headboards to match your unique style. Beyond fabric choices, we help clients decide on headboard shape, tufting, and sheen preferences, to create one-of-a-kind showpieces that sets the tone for their personal sanctuaries.

Image: Thibaut's fabric and wallcovering


Don't limit creativity or good design to indoor spaces! Many of our vendors offer fabrics suitable for outdoor use that provide water and UV resistance without sacrificing style. We love outdoor fabrics for their vivid colors and the opportunity to add flair to unexpected areas in the home.

Image: Shumacher’s “Citrus Garden” Indoor/Outdoor collection


At Patrick Street Interiors, our showroom is bursting at the seams with fabric samples, and we know that there is one that is waiting for you. Our expert team is here to navigate the intricate world of fabric and ensure that whatever the choice—whether it's a statement piece for the bedroom or a beloved living room staple—it will be as functional as it is stylish.

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