Our Best Tips for a Modern Bedroom

As you create a bedroom that is uniquely you, we are here to provide you with the latest styling tips and advice! Today we give you our best tips for designing that perfectly modern bedroom for a clean but comfortable feel.

Use bright and neutral colors

With pastels being the new neutrals, fresh pinks and baby blues are perfect to use for calming backdrops and allow you to accentuate the room with a variety of complementary shades and patterns. Farrow and Ball paint is our top choice for choosing a modern color to fit your look. Borrowed Light or the new Tailor Tack are great choices.

Keep an open plan

Minimalistic, open floor plans are the best way to go when trying for a modern room. Simple furniture pieces that don’t overcrowd the space will give you an open and spacious feel.

Maximize natural light

Let the sun in! Natural light can do wonders to elevate your space and make it feel warm and inviting. Simple window treatments such as shades or side drapery panels that leave the windows clear in the daytime will allow the warm sun to stream in, and make the space feel more open. 

Add natural materials

Adding touches of nature is the way to go in a modern room! Warm woods, textured natural fabrics, and greenery will give your bedroom a cozy feel without being too overwhelming. They balance out the simplicity of an open floor plan and keep the space from feeling cold.

Like with any room, the color palette will dictate the overall ambiance and feel. Having the right palette can also infuse warmth and make it feel cozier. If you have questions or would like help putting together your new modern bedroom, come in today to see our selections and browse our showroom!